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Since 1939, the NHSBD has held youth racing events that are open to boys and girls between the ages of 7 through 17.  Contestants build then race gravity powered cars in three classes: Stock, Super Stock and Masters.  Residence in the State of New Hampshire can participate in the Annual Local Race.  The winning racer in each of the classes qualifies to represent NH in Akron, OH to compete for scholarships and merchandise prizes in the Annual National Soap Box Derby Championship held each July.

The 71th Annual New Hampshire Soap Box Derby  was held Sunday, June 8, 2014, in Dover, NH on Broadway at the corner of Oak Street.

In Soap Box Derby drivers compete side by side on a gentle sloping track or street blocked from automobile traffic.  In fairness, drivers race against each other twice per heat, switching lanes and performing a swap of their wheels.  The overall time difference between the two finishers crossing the finish line determines the winner.  Races are performed in a series of heats in a single or double elimination manner (depending on the type of event).  Courses average about 500 ft. in length with races often won in fractions of a second.

In addition, Rally races are held throughout the spring, summer, and fall at various locations in the State of New Hampshire and as well as the United States.  Rally racers compete Region wide to accumulate All-American Soap Box Derby Rally Points which potentially earns them the right to compete in the All-American’s World Rally Championship held during the same week in July.

This is a unique program in that it encourages close parent-child activities while building and racing the car. The construction of the gravity race car reinforces the importance of setting and completing goals while developing traits such as self-confidence, perseverance and craftsmanship. The parent/child relationship is fostered as parents teach their children the proper use of tools. The youth is encouraged to do as much of the work as their level permits.

“Most of all, derby is about fun, family and sportsmanship!”



Celebrating 71 Years of Racing in New Hampshire

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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The next event is the Fall Rally on September 6 & 7, 2014